Thursday, November 15, 2007

From the mailbag...

PT writes:
I don’t know if you caught this (or if you have any interest in linking) but Robert Avrech reviewed Rock of Sages. Seraphic Secret: Moshe Skier's Rock of Sages: A Review
Naftali writes:
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Create Digital Music posted about this.

Sameach Music sends the following:
Can you please post these links.

Aryeh Kunstler's new CD is now available through Sameach Music.

We're giving out as a free download, the bonus track titled "The Chavrusah Break-Up Song."

You can also download an 8 Minute preview of the album.

All the details are on the podcast website!
Yam Productions writes:

שלומות לכם אנשים יקרים

אז ככה, קליפ הבכורה שלנו הגיע לערוץ 24, אין ספק,כבוד גדול....בכל אופן נשמח אם תצפו, תגיבו ותדרגו, ובאופן כללי תנו חיזוק חיובי

כן, זה שיר הזוי קצת והקליפ ניסה להלום את הסגנון , משהו אריאל זילברי/מתי כספי שכזה. או לפחות זה מה שאנחנו אומרים לעצמנו

נשמח גם אם תעבירו הלאה את הלינק (כדי לעשות הפצות) (אכן,יש כאן אנשים עם רקע נ-נחי) מקווים שהעלינו לכם לפחות קצה של חיוך ולו יהי זה שכרנו

חיים טובים
(ים הפקות) יאיר פלד ומרים הופמן
Psachya writes:
I followed your link to Studio 54 Rebbe (great blog, BTW). In it, he tangentially mentioned some of the rap lyrics from Usher's "Yeah". I was stunned. The riff (minus the lyrics) has become somewhat popular at yeshivish weddings, either as a fanfare or as a "stick-it-in-somewhere" request. One wonders whether the bochurim (or their rabbeim) have any idea of the provenance of the riff, or of the nature of the original words. This goes way beyond the more innocent lyrics of Djingis Khan or of Men At Work's "Down Under." Perhaps you might want to address this issue.
I expect that the bochurim who began requesting this at affairs (and the bandleaders/musicians who obliged them) knew full well what the lyrics were and that's why they requested it/played it.