Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In Review: Hamakor - The Source

In the mail... Hamakor - The Source

Following in the footsteps of SoulFarm and Moshav Band, Hamakor is the latest Solomon brother fronted band. The band, fronted by Nachman Solomon, describes it's music as "a unique blend of Rock & Roll and electronica combined with a root like Jewish message."

In general, the production style sounds very 70's rock. The band's simple groove-based approach works nicely. Its not virtuoso musicianship, just groovy trance rock, played by a tight band. Did we mention keyboards? Unlike the other Solomon brother bands, Hamakor features keyboards as an integral part of their sound. Benjamin Ross Frimer plays the parts, which are mainly rock piano, and pads and leads with lots of filter sweeps. Did we mention the filter sweeps? Not just relegated to filling in the background, these parts play a prominent role in the group's overall sound.

The album includes original English and Hebrew songs, as well as settings of Im Eshkacheich and Eliyahu Hanavi.

Album opener "The Source" sounds reminiscent of what EMF would sound like if they'd brought the Black Crowe's Chris Robinson in as frontman, mainly due to Solomon's affectation of a Southern drawl. There's a filter swept synth breakdown on "Lost Man". Look for the hidden bonus track at the end of "Should've Known" -- a live acoustic, unplugged version of the song.