Tuesday, July 01, 2008

From the mailbag...

E. forwards a link to Pioneers For A Cure. Sounds like a great cause. The musicians involved are wonderful! This is a great concept! I'd love to see and participate in more of these kinds of recordings. You can follow the links from their site to see more about the creation of this project.

Psachya writes:
On last night's gig, I was spending one of my breaks shmoozing with a friend of mine who was a guest at the affair. We both noticed a young child going up to the bandstand and picking up the drumsticks. My friend walked over and said, "Don't play with the drum set. Put the sticks down."

The kid looked at my friend indignantly. "These are not your drums!" he said.

As I've said before - you really can't make these things up.
For those interested in chassidus... Michal writes:
Here's free stuff from Targum Press:

Following the amazing success of MiPeninei Noam Elimelech, the newly released, groundbreaking book on selections from the Noam Elimelech by chassid and teacher Rabbi Tal Moshe Zwecker, TP is offering a free MP3 lecture download on the Noam Elimelech and his holy teachings at Targum Press Online PLUS 20% OFF sale on all Jewish books until July 6th at Targum.com
Shmuel Klaver writes:
I need to get in touch with Alan Freishtat of Har Nof. Please have him Email me at DEARSHMOO (at) HOTMAIL.COM Very important! Many thanks, Regards to all- SHMOO