Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From the mailbag...

E. forwards a link to a Messianic Christian congregation playing Mordechai Ben David's Moshiach during a service. The deceptive missionizing inherent to Hebrew Christianity is offensive. They may sing in Hebrew, but they're still practicing Christianity, not Judaism.

E. also emails a link about a new wedding trend in Israel. Tres' classy!

Joe Flix writes:
#1 Why don't you have comments enabled? that sucks

Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, on my Photoblog JoeFlix Daily I would allow shameless self promotion - as long as it comes with a good picture. I have people sending me - a recent example - pics of a new restaurant where you see the owner smiling etc. etc. with Zero photographic value and bad lighting- come on! But if any singer (for example) wants to send me a really interesting shot of him singing (lets say) by some funky Chuppa in Brazil - Welcome aboard!

I'm even in the works of arranging a deal with two professional Photogs where they would send me pictures (for free) and I will put their phone number / link on the blog

Anyway, Great post and again, please add some comments.
I don't allow comments because of the abuse of the commenting system that is unfortunately too common on many J-blogs.

Just two examples of recent issues on some other J-blogs.

1) A JM blogger posted about an upcoming album. One of the commentors posted an offensive parody of said album cover that in itself was indecent, although this could be missed at first glance, and that made unfounded implications about the singer's behavior. I take responsibility for what I write, and I have not been afraid to address very serious issues. But, they have to be addressed on point and on the record. Not through anonymous innuendo.

2) Identity theft. Exhibit A: The 5WPR fiasco currently unfolding. A while back, there was an idiot pretending to be Lipa Schmeltzer posting on various Jewish forums.

I do post emails, especially critical ones, so feel free to send those in.

Jill forwards some information about a writing seminar for next year:
*Writers' Seminar on the Jewish People*

Young writers between the ages of 22-35 interested in developing their skills in writing about the Jewish people in the United States and abroad are invited to apply to a year-long seminar, commencing in this fall under the direction of Samuel G. Freedman, an award-winning journalist, author and professor. The seminar will offer the opportunity to engage with a small group of peers and with outstanding scholars who will deepen your knowledge of Jewish life in the U.S., Israel, and other lands. Participants will work directly on their writing skills with an outstanding journalist who has written extensively on Jewish and other religious themes.

The seminar will meet in Manhattan on four days between October 2008 and April 2009. (The prospective dates are Oct. 12, either Dec. 7 or 14, either Feb. 16 or 22, and either April 5 or 19.) At each meeting, participants will be exposed to a different scholar and to learning about the craft of journalism, including by critiquing each other's work. Participants in this free seminar will be expected to produce *three* pieces of publishable work in different genres:

* Reportage * Cultural Criticism * An Opinion Column

Previous journalistic experience is preferred, but not required. What is necessary is demonstrable skill at writing and a proven intellectual curiosity. The seminar will offer a modest travel stipend for participants in the Northeast. Those who live outside the region will have to pay their own transportation to and from New York City.
If you're interested in applying, send me an email and I'll forward the details.