Thursday, July 10, 2008

7/10/08 Link Dump

Alexander Gelfand writes about pianist Misha Alperin for the Forward in "Piano Man."

YK's Jewish Music Forum writes about Ushpizin star Shuli Rand's album, "Nekuda Tova."

MO Chassid is kvetching about the music volume at weddings he's attended recently. Hey, MO, if your friends would've hired "Band in Dm", you wouldn't have this problem.

Dov Bear follows up on the wig store ban.

Tzvee's Patriotic Blog posts "Star Spangled Banner in 1943 in Yiddish."

Chaptzem Blog! posts some more Lipa swag.

Life in Israel posts "The next ban: Vaseline and Hellman's Mayonnaise." Seems Unilever had a private party for Axe deodorant, featuring a well-known International topless female DJ, Nikki Belucci. here's the interesting part:
The interesting thing is the next part of the story. After Unilever issued its apology yesterday, Peppenheim from the Eidah Haredis has responded again. This time, he says, the apology is not enough. According to TheMarker, Peppenheim said to them, "Originally the apology would have been enough. But now [RG: I have no idea what changed], the Badatz has decided to demand that Unilever issue an apology in the secular media as well, because they have hurt the secular people no less than they have hurt us." .

So from this story it comes out that, aside from banning Hellman's Mayonnaise, the Badatz is concerned about, and looks after the welfare, of secular Israelis, and not just the identity of Haredi Judaism, as they generally claim. I just thought that was an interesting twist I would share with you.
In thisvideo, Ella Fitzgerald sings Keitzad Merakdin.

Lion of Zion posts"Israeli Musicians Sing and Rap for the MIAs."

Finally, sometimes you just need a Sad Trombone