Wednesday, July 30, 2008

7/30/08 Link Dump

Life in Israel posts a video clip of someone singing "Shelo Osani Goy."

Shloime Walfish goes into competition with Avremi G.

The Jewish Standard reports on Shabbos with the Disco Biscuits.

No mention of the Na nachs who attended though. Here's an interesting bit of trivia they discovered on their way up. Apparently, the Color War teams at the Munkatcher camp this year were Na Nach vs. the Neturei Karta.

Teruah posts "Ghost of the Robot&'s 'German Jewish'."

Here's a J-Post article "'Talibanized' Dance Troupe to Sue J'lem."

Dov Bear posts "Yored Dorot" about inflated concert attendance numbers in Central Park. Rumor is the people who used to do the estimates for those shows have been working for JM concert promoters on the side.

Harry Maryles posts "The Official Jewish Songbook?"

Lazer Beams posts a music video of "Sweet Home, Jerusalem."

Now they're using instant replay at weddings.

In the Forward... "A Different Drum: How a Modern Orthodox 23-Year-Old Danced Her Way Into a Unique Spotlight.";