Thursday, June 26, 2008

6/26/08 Link Dump

The links have been piling up...

The Forward publishes "Taking a Note From ‘American Idol,’ Only With Haredi Contestants and Nicer Judges."

Teruah takes Heeb to school. Ari Davidow comments on the topic too. Amen!

Here's the next big thing. Viral Lipa videos! The footage comes from a video of the Bobover Rebbe on Purim a few years ago. Lipa's music is sped up to match the Rebbe's movements. Heib oyf!

Chaptzem reports on one school's response to Lipa's popularity. They banned his music and encouraged the breaking of a pen he'd signed. (Via Life of Rubin.)

The Jewish Week writes about David Buchbinder in "An Edgy Crossover Sound."

On The Fringe posts "Fightin' words in support of Jewish musicians."

Wolfish Musings posts "The Big Event Cancellation: Lipa Says The Rabbanim Were Lied To."

He also posts about copying media in "How About Just Because It's Not An Ehrlich Thing To Do?"

Vos Iz Neias posts "Lipa To Meet With Fans, As New CD Set To Shatter Decades-Old Sales Record."

Here's a Menachem Daum Religion & Ethics profile/video segment about Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.

The Jerusalem Post reports about a controversy involving panflutist Zamfir.

Its unbeLIPAble!!!!!!!!!! posts "WHERE ARE THE CHOSSON AND KALLAH???"

The Klezmer Shack posts "The klezmer Golem, revisited" More info at Mark Rubin's blog.

Gruntig posts a video clip of Shlomo Gronich singing Keili Ata.

Dana Friedman writes "Song Parodies—Repurposed brilliance or unlicensed hackery?"

Teruah posts "Carl Dimow's 'klezmerish jam on bass flute.'"