Thursday, July 17, 2008

7/17/08 Link Dump

Teruah is calling out Heeb again.

Orthonomics posts about a disturbing trend developing in the Yeshivish community.

The J-Post has an article about a new trend for Israeli bands to write songs in English. this part was cute:
"When you say 'baby I love you' in Hebrew it sounds too plain. When you sing it in English, it has a sexy, cool sound to it."
Oh, dear!

Here are photos of some Na Nachs blowing shofar onstage at a concert featuring Israeli Heavy metal band "Almanah Shechora" (Black Widow) in concert in Israel. Bet this went over well:
באמצע ההופעה שאור השם הזריח על אליהו, צעק חזק "יהודי אמיתי לא פוגם בברית"
Of all the Breslov teachings to emphasize...

Jewish Music News posts "Mi-al har horev from the manuscripts of Obadiah the Proselyte."

In the Jewish Week "Modal Jazz, Malian Beat," an article about Israeli saxophonist Oran Etkin's project with Malian musicians.