Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When a JM Personality Is Arrested...

Over the past week, the blog has been getting thousand of hits on similar searches. Here's a SiteMeter screengrab that shows why.

In addition to his day job, and his coaching position, Adam Melzer worked as a Neginah Orchestra representative, concert promoter, and JM in the AM radio show guest host.

Here's the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office Press Release on the arrest. (Scroll down) Here's a news report with some more details.

JM in the AM has removed his bio and name from their website. Melzer hosted the program as recently as July 16th. There's a group photo he's in at the above link, and they've removed his name from the listing of who's in the photo. (He's the third from the left in the back row.)

Yeshivah Ohr Yerusholayim, which honored him at their dinner has purged their website and Google's cache of any mention of the honor.

He still turns up in a search on

I've been receiving emails about this as well.

Here's one...
It boggles my mind a little -
Melzer was a major Jewish community personality of sorts; a major producer of the biggest entertainment events which double as major fundraisers for educational, philanthropic, humanitarian and non-profit social service institutions. He is a prominent player in the frum entertainment world, a presence on the radio and involved in people's simchas. He bounced around for years to many different yeshivas, working with many young kids, coaching many teams...

and not a single peep from any of the Jewish sites, blogs or abuse vigilantes...
There's no public evidence that any of the people promoting Melzer knew about this. If it turns out that they did, there should be appropriate consequences. It does raise the question of judgement, though. Hopefully they'll learn the appropriate lessons.

I feel sorry for his family.