Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Think People Are Talkin' Bout Dis'?

Today's Hamodia published five opinions pieces on the Lipa ban. (I posted my thought on the articles here. Think people are talkin' 'bout dis?

Here's a list of refers to the blog over a twenty minute period. Think people are talkin' 'bout dis?

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In addition to the numerous links I've posted previously, here are some more.

My friend Rokhl writes "Labels Mean Nothing."

Orthonomics posts "Economic Terrorism II." Another must read!

Shira Salome posts "Orthodoxy's right-ward turn affects all:3-Fun banned."

Vos Iz Neias posts an "Exclusive Interview With Super Star Mordechai Ben David [MBD]."

Baalbatish has been following this story.

So has Shalom New York.

Menachem Toker pens an open letter to Lipa. The chareidi leadership should respond to this one.

Wolfish Musings posts "Do The Gedolim Understand The Nature of Today's Orthodox Jewish Community?"

The Jewish Press publishes "Concert Ban Sounds Sour Note For Some"

Think people are talkin' 'bout dis?