Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Concerted Effort

Hirhurim asks "Jerusalem United: Why No Ban?" R' Gil wants to know why the Jerusalem United event wasn't banned. He asks:
Is calling it a rally a way around the ban?"
One commentor claims to know that that is the case. If he's right it's just sad. Semantical Judaism, not just a slogan; its a way of life!

Meanwhile, Life-of-Rubin posts about Yerachmiel Begun's Chol Hamoed concert announcement.

He asks:
Why is a mixed seating event with the Miami Boys Choir, Avraham Fried, Baruch Levine and Michoel Prusansky any less wrong, any less evil then a SEPARATE seating Lipa/Gertner concert. Because one is in MSG and the other Brooklyn College??
This is playing out exactly as expected. It amplifies the wrong done through the "Big Event" ban. News Flash: This isn't going to go away. The Chareidi leadership should address the topic honestly.