Monday, March 10, 2008

Still More Lipa...

In positive news on the Chareidi front, Rabbi Yitchak Adlerstein posts Marvin Schick's essay at Cross-Currents and writes:
For decades, Rabbi Marvin Schick has been the bulldog of Gedolei Torah in the English-language world. More than anyone else I can think of, Rabbi Schick’s columns presented the leadership of Torah luminaries in the most glowing terms, refusing to give an inch in the struggle by some to chip away at the role of Gedolei Torah as the proper address for leadership and direction. Last week, he penned what follows.

It ought to be painful to read. If Rabbi Schick can be moved to such an extraordinary statement, than we can be sure that the concert ban represents a watershed event for the right-of-center Orthodox community, and that the negative consequences of it are huge. At the same time, we ought to feel the pain of a dedicated community worker whose personal spiritual world has suddenly spun out of orbit and headed into free-fall, Many readers of Cross-Currents will find in this article a mirror of their own anguish.

I present it here in its entirety. I have been on the road for the past half week, and spoken to all sorts of people – students, rabbonim, thoughtful laypeople across the continuum of the yeshiva- and yeshiva-friendly communities. I shared many of the thoughts I wrote in previous columns, especially the halachic need for limud zechus, much of which was received favorably. It seems clear, however, that whatever I could muster as partial explanation for the behavior of revered individuals (and I hope that more capable people came up with better), the ban itself – this one, and the trend in general – has left some gaping wounds were they did not exist before.
Hirhurim posted this essay last week. That Cross-Currents has now posted it is a positive step.

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Dov Bear is trying to decide if he should allow a guest post about Lipa here. I vote yes, and urge Chaim to use the opportunity wisely.

Tzig criticizes Yeshivah World for their interview of Rabbi Yehudah Levin, something they likely only did because of his radio show rantings supporting the ban.

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As always, I am happy to give space to opposing views. I invite the Chareidi leadership to present their point of view here. Care to guest post?

I have received *one* email criticism on this topic and I will post it and my response soon.