Tuesday, March 25, 2008

3/25/08 Link Dump

Jewess posts a detailed recap of the recent Rose On Fire festival in NYC, a women-only musical event.

Lenny Solomon writes "The Sheya Mendlowitz Story." No mention of the "Big Event" ban.

Breslov World posts "Return of the Troubador", an interview with Hezy Levy. Hezy introduced himself here a while back.

YNW posts about " an event that with no doubt was the greatest display of Kiddush Hashem in Los Angeles history.' A bit full of ourselves, are we?

How come we don't have programs like this here? I don't know the Roma musicians, but on the Yiddish side, that's a great band! I've only had the pleasure of playing with 5/8ths of the band.

The Center for Traditional Music and Dance remembers the late Rudy Tepel and Marty Levitt, two klezmer/hassidic style clarinetists who died recently.

L-o-R posts a "leaked" an as yet unreleased "Lipa" song.

Finally, here's a very odd JM press release.