Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3/18/08 Link Dump

Chaptzem Blog! has a poster for the "Bigger Better Event."

The Rebbetzin's Husband posts "The BPS (Bansmanship Policies and Standards) Commission."

Vos Iz Neias posts "After Pressure Hasidic Jew Backs Out from Acting in Movie."

Here's why he backed out:
"I have my kids in religious schools and the rabbi called me over yesterday and said in order for me to keep my kids in the school I have to do what they tell me and back out," Karpen said.
"This is when I woke up and saw that I made a big mistake. My kids mean everything to me and my community where I live means everything to me," said Karpen, who comes from a prominent Williamsburg, Brooklyn, family.
Hmm, why does this pressure tactic sound so familiar?

Vos Iz Neias also posted a "Kol Koreh Proclamation Clarification." Taken with the ban brouhaha and Rav Chaim Kanievsky's ad in Hamodia asserting that his signature should be assumed to be false unless confirmed, it is evidence that "sacred signatures" are a currency in steep decline.

Wolfish Musings comments on a letter to the Yated.

Here's the letter:
Dear Editor,

I would like to raise an issue that has been bothering me for a few years.

I am a one-man-band in a large Jewish community. Having a wife and children, this is a good way to support myself by doing something that I enjoy. When I was a bochur, I began accepting jobs. Sometimes, when I would quote a price, it was not uncommon to hear comments that my price is too high, since I am only a bochur.

Let me explain the expenses of a one-man-band.

First of all, a good keyboard used by the wedding pros (which is not uncommon to be used by a bochur) costs a few thousand dollars. Secondly, a decent sound system, which includes speakers, a mixer and cables, runs in the thousands. This is in addition to the thousands of hours devoted to programming and practicing.

The next time you hire a one-man band, even if he's "just a bochur," realize that he still has many expenses.


It's HamanSong.com. Happy Purim!

Look! It's a A Sheepish Aderaba!

Teruah posts a Yidcore music video: "They Tried to Kill Us, They Failed, Let's Eat!"

Mazl Tov to klez bassist/tuba player Mark Rubin on his "Induction into the Austin Music Hall of Fame."