Sunday, September 16, 2007

High Holiday Musi(ci)ngs

On the plus side... no trifecta. Only Ein Aroch.

I believe I suffered through the worst setting of a Rosh Hashana piyut ever. That would be "Atah Hu Elokeinu...Dagul Mervavah etc." set to Shwekey's "Shomati." Four words per section. Ouch!

Passed the Conservative shul the next morning. They were singing "Ohr Chadash" to Carlebach's "Oseh Shalom". With live music. Me? I was on my way to hear the Shomati reprise. Shoulda bailed. Hashem woulda understood, right?

The Torah portion we read mentions the big party Avraham made when Yitzchok was weaned. We should bring those back! And have live music at them. It'd be a new niche. Talk about growing the market.