Wednesday, September 19, 2007

From the mailbag...

Naftali writes:
You always suspected this... Click here.
Psachya writes:
Selections from the "request list" at a recent gig:

Ma Ma Ma
Ya Ma Mai
Yo Ya
Ai Didi Dai
Sha La La
Bag Bag
Numa Numa

Some recent verbal requests:
- During a Sephardic set: "Could you please play some Sephardic music?"
- During a "Yeshivish disco" set: "Could you please play some Jewish music?"
- During a yeshivish freilach set (requested by a Sephardic lady): "Would you please stop playing that JUMPING-UP-AND-DOWN music?"
- Before the beginning of a gig (asked by a teenager): "Will you guys play anything good tonight?" (Only possible response: "Nope. We only play bad music.")

Like you often say - you can't make this stuff up.
E. emails a link to JE's Pruzansky/Bald interview and notes that the album features "custom made arrangements."

He also forwards a link to Gershon Veroba's blog, American Jewish Music.

Speaking of JE...

D. wants to know why we haven't fisked a recent deceitful JE cover story containing a host of blatant lies, misleading statements, disingenuities, deceptions, misprepresentations, falsehoods and fabrications, inventions, prevarications, and whoppers. Chaim Rubin will be interviewing the editor after Yom Tov and has invited readers to submit questions. Why not use the opportunity to ask him?