Friday, September 07, 2007

Ban First, Censor Afterwards UPDATED

Emes V'emunah tells the truth!

The Rabbi Teitelbaum article we linked to earlier has been edited. Here's the expunged bit:
Things haven’t changed much since ancient times. Today, too, we have self proclaimed agitators and charlatans who have nothing to do with their time but to go around to our leading Torah sages and try to convince them that separate-seating concerts are a threat to our Yiddishkeit and to ban them. They falsely claim that there is pritzus in the hallways plus other fabrications. Exaggeration is a blood relative to falsehood, and almost as bad. A gossip is one who can give you all the details without knowing all the facts. Unfortunately, they often succeed in their mission. All it took was one Korach to convince the 250 heads of Sanhedrin of the holiness and purity of his mission.
Now, Yeshivah World has removed the post entirely.