Tuesday, September 25, 2007

9/25/07 Link Dump

Krum as a Bagel writes "Confusing Our Jewish Youth (In Song!)" (Hat tip, E.)

Shira Salamone doesn't like the musical choices the cantor at her shul has been making. Here is her take on his Rosh Hashana selections.

Here's a taste:
First, there were the usual Broadway tunes. But the "high point" of Kedushah was the cantor's apparent tribute to the recently-deceased Luciano Pavarotti: "Hu Kelokeinu, Hu avinu, Hu malkeinu, hu moshieinu (He is our G-d, He is our father, He is our king, He is our savior)" . . . to the tune of, would you believe, "La Donna é Mobile (Woman is Fickle, " from the Giuseppe Verdi opera "Rigoletto")?!!!
Here's her take on his Yom Kippur selections.

Yitz blogs about "Shlomo Katz's Alt-Neu Niggun."

THE LIFE-OF-RUBIN BLOG has had many of his YouTube videos deleted. A while back, he posted a clip of a guitarist for one of the big wedding bands massacring Niggun Neshoma at an affair. In an unusual coincidence, here's Eric Clapton playing that very solo note for note.