Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Things We've Heard About Our Music

One divorced woman told an acquaintance of ours: "The only nice memory I have of my entire first wedding experience was the music played by the band my ex-husband hired." A nice reference we'll never be able to use.

Another bride told a relative of ours that she loved the music on our demo (which she'd gotten from a friend) so much that she was planning to walk down to one of the songs at her wedding. Ironically, she never contacted us to inquire about having our band play the affair. Talk about missing the point of a demo CD.

Another client hired us to be the simcha music specialists for the one Jewish dance set at his wedding because he "loves our music and wants to have some updated repertoire instead of the same old hokey songs". After hiring us, he informs us that he wants to respect the American band's hora set. Instead of having us call the tunes, he wanted us to simply enhance the other band's Hava Nagilah set. So, we wind up sitting in with the American band for their set.

Here's their set list:
Hava Nagila
David Melech Yisrael (yes, the one you learned in kindergarten)
Bashana Haba'a
Am Yisrael Chai
Hava Nagilah reprise.

Musn't forget the reprise!!!