Wednesday, September 05, 2007

From the mailbag...

E. forwards a link to the new Pruzbomb release.

A Simple Jew forwards An Elul Message From SRV.

Psachya and PT forward "A Kosher Alternative", an article by Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum.

The bit about "Jewish Rock" at the end is weak, but in general, more people need to speak out on this.

Following up on "The Song Remains The Same?"...

An anonymous source close to Chanale emails that she never heard the original song, only knew the lyrics, and did not know where they came from. She'd seen the lyrics as a poem somewhere. She has updated her website and has contacted the original composers in order to pay any royalties and offer credit in future printings of the booklet. The Stone brothers have given permission and say that the original original source of the lyrics are from a poem written by Mrs. Kahn of Camp Hasc.