Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Oh, Those Peeps! - Updated

It's been a busy season and that means more peeps...

"The Connoisseur"

This peep likes his veal served medium and he has a VERY precise definition of what that is. Simply allowing himself to be served a helping won't do. Instead, the "Connoisseur" will demand that the chef at the carving station cut and serve him from the middle of the cut. That's the only part of that particular meat suitable for this gent's delicate palate. Never mind the inconvenience to the chef and those waiting behind; the cut he would otherwise received is simply unacceptable to a person of such refined taste.

The "Music Thief"

The music thief uses one of your tracks on a publicly distributed CD-ROM without permission. When they spot you at an event, they come up and tell you so, and then say something like "I suppose I could have asked." No apology though. Also no credit. Nice.

The "Yeshivishe Shmuck"

Apologies for the language, but it's simply the most accurate way to describe this guy. Usually with peyos behind his ears, he's the guy who comes up to us --while the dance floor is packed -- to say "play something good." What he means is "play a specific disco/hora off of the latest "Srully Reverb" album that hit the stores yesterday. The fact that everyone is enjoying the music is irrelevant. If it's not what he wants right then, its "no good." Ironically, he usually shows up at times when we're really "feeling" the crowd.

Update: To clarify, there's nothing wrong with making the request. It's the attitude in the initial request and the rudeness demonstrated if he doesn't immediately get his desires fulfilled that make this "peep" notable. Also, there's virtually no satsfying this guy. If you play the song he's asks for, he's back moments later with another request. And, as soon as one isn't honored, the character traits making him a "Yeshivishe Shmuck" are immediately displayed.

The "Yeshivishe Shmuck Wanna-Be's"

These peeps are a class of 12-13 year olds from a black hat yeshivah attending a friend's Bar Mitzvah. They aspire to grow up to become full-fledged "Yeshivishe Shmucks". Sadly, judging by their behavior at their friend's simcha, many of them will succeed. Whether it's rudeness to the musicians, disrespect of the family, or just generally obnoxious behavior, the "wanna-be's" cross the line from excited kids being a little too rowdy at a party, into gross Chillul Hashem. On the bright side, these peeps provide reassurance about our decision not to buy in that community.