Tuesday, April 15, 2008

JM Links From Around and About

In the realm of bad Bar Mitzvah gift ideas... here's a Google search someone found us with.

MoC parodies Jonathan Rosenblum's article "Five-Star Pesach." Excellent!

On the messianic concert...

parshablog posts "Manipulating the Gedolim III - Rav Ovadia Yosef Unfortunately Does *Not* Ban A Concert." The first two posts in the series are here and here.

He also posts "Rebbe Moshiach Concert by MBD and Shweky."

LIFE-OF-RUBIN writes "This is What Should Have Happened With The Big Event."

Emes Ve-Emunah posts "A Messianist Concert."

Vos Iz Neias posts "R' Ovadai Yosef: Certainly No Ban, On MBD, Shweki Chabad Concert."

Moving on to the Lipa ban...

Jewish Blogmeister posts "Rabbi Yisroel Belsky: Speaking Out on Music Ban?" Anyone have any confirmation of this?

Married and Navigating Jewish Brookly posts "According to a writer in the Jewish Press the Yeshivish World needs to learn that banning things are not the answer - our question is why are our Ravs better than the previous generations? Aren’t our Rabbis suppose to guide us instead of hitting us with sticks?"

LIFE-OF-RUBIN posts "Concerts Are Here to Stay."

The Jewish Press publishes the Marvin Schick essay addressing the ban. We linked this essay a while back.

The Jewish Press also prints a letter on the Lipa Ban, "Rabbis Should Decide."

Hirhurim comments on the letter in "Too Easy."

Speaking of Lipa, here's "The New Lipa?", a video clip of exactly how "not singing songs from non-Jewish sources" works. Awesome!

Finally, Teruah posts an mp3 laden post, "Cantor Yosef Gottesman, Opera in the Synagogue!", that includes Eishes Chayil to the theme from Titanic. Oy!