Monday, April 28, 2008

From the mailbag...

Psachya writes:
I guess this was bound to happen sooner or later. All the same, if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes, I wouldn't have believed it actually happened.

To start from the beginning: I just played a show with Uncle Moishy at a certain Pesach hotel. Moish was just swinging into his penultimate number, "Hashem Is Here," when a man with a long white beard stormed into the room. "Hashem is NOT here," he shouted. "There is no Hashem here! How could Hashem be here where there are men and women SITTING TOGETHER at a CONCERT?!!!" He actually began to storm the stage when he was escorted rather firmly from the room. (To his credit, Moish kept on singing and smiling as if nothing was happening. Say what you will, the man's a pro.)

Let's leave aside for a moment the incongruity of what the old man said. On second thought, let's not leave it aside. Frankly, nothing this fellow could have imagined was going on could have compared with the utter ameratzus and apikursus of the statement, "Hashem is not here." (And as the little ones could have explained to him, Hashem is everywhere - up, up, down, down, right, left - but I digress.) Let's just for a moment examine just how totally warped and ridiculous this has become. Let's say, just for a moment, you could imagine yourself as that near-mythical creature - the off-the-derech oisvarf who is constantly haunting Jewish concerts hoping to buy drugs and score with girls (because, as you know, Jewish concerts are the best places to obtain such things, as opposed to bars, rock concerts, street corners, clubs - but, again, I digress). Which concert will he pick to do his nefarious deeds? Well, hey-dum-diddledy-dum - let's cruise an Uncle Moishy concert!

I must admit (shudder) - there was mixed seating at this concert. There were young boys and girls sitting together. Well, very young - preschool young, actually. And yes, there were some mommies and tatties and bubbies and zeidies sitting together in order to shep nachas from their little ones. Rachmana nitzlan!

I'll admit - there is an excellent chance that the old gentleman was the family coot and forgot to take his meds. And he was definitely a minority of one in his opinion - at least in that room. Still, the mindset that causes this sort of thing doesn't exist in a vacuum, especially recently. So it's come to this - I have to explain to my bemused seven-year-old and four-year-old - both in attendance - why the old, rabbinical-looking gentleman attempted to assault Uncle Moishy. Of all people. Onstage. Right in front of a bunch of very young children.

As a certain radio talk-show host is fond of saying, it's sick out there, and getting sicker.
Oh, dear! Methinks it's time Psachya started a blog.

E. forwards a link to "Broward educator named to National Teachers Hall of Fame."

Jordan writes about Tranquility Bay:
Its all very well that a letter was written saying that Tranquility Bay was not a place for a Jewish Child. How about the authors of the letter saying that TB is not a place for any child, and pointing out that the actions of those who tried to save this boy were merely doing what any sensible responsible adult of ANY community should do. It is no small matter that what we deem unworthy of us is good enough for the goyim.
I agree and said as much in my original post on the topic.

Yitz forwards a link to his post, "MODZITZ KLEZMER JAZZ."

David Johnson writes:
I've read some of your blogging on using Sibelius. You've put it through some good testing. My question has to do with creating graphs, harmonic reductions, Schenkerian sketches, etc. In other words, how feasible is it to construct non-metered, "hand-shaped," notationally flexible entries?

I'm sure some hand-tweaking is necessary, because of course such a program is normally used for making real music. I need it more for graphic illustration. Any ideas? And how might these questions apply to Finale, and which program might handle my needs better?

Thanks for your time. Keep on blogging -- it's very helpful!
Arkady writes:

Sorry, I didn’t have all the Information when I originally sent this email (see below)...

Another example of the fact that Time Is Of The Essence:) [ask a sax player near you to explain that one:)!]

12-3 PM, Saturday, April 26, 2008

I’ve added a Map and Directions Link, 2 more Newspaper Articles, and other stuff on this webpage:



On Saturday, April 26, 2008, 12-3 PM, a Bone-Marrow Drive will take place at the Norris Homes Community Center, at 1915 N. 11th St., where the need for donors is as great as the fear.

“Brecker told his sister he wanted the drive to help African Americans, because it didn't seem right that he had a better chance for a match than they did.

Referring to pianist friends Herbie Hancock and McCoy Tyner, he said, "They have as great a need as I do," his sister recalls.”

Please read the Full Article here:

Daniel Rubin:
At late jazz great's request, a drive to recruit minority stem-cell donors
Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/31/2008

"Daniel Rubin: At late jazz great's request, a drive to recruit minority stem-cell donors"

I received that link from Michael’s sister, Emily Brecker

Thanks to all in advance for honoring Michael Brecker’s Memory!!!