Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Best April Fool's Music Gag

This year's Best April Fool's product? Reason Accordions.
What's better than having a real, high-quality accordion recording on your tracks? Having a hypersampled accordion rig that gives you full creative control over your accordion sound throughout the session of course!

Introducing Reason Accordions - the hassle free, creativity sparking way of adding studio-grade accordion sounds to your mix. With Propellerhead Software's ground breaking Hypersampling technique, we have captured these fine accordions in painstaking detail using state of the art equipment and instruments.

Reason Accordions delivers the most detailed accordion library on the planet. We started with selecting the finest accordions known to man: The Bohner Handklavier Mod Z, the Musettematic Aurora and the Chevalier Esquire mk IV. These instruments all represent different paradigms in both sound and the suitable playing style and will offer and extremely broad palette of hard-to-get accordion sounds.

In true Hypersampling tradition, the recording equipment was chosen with as much care as the instruments. Legendary microphones such as the Panasonic BFZ-38 and the Tandberg SK-1 was used to track the accordions both digitally and analog. Many accordionistas wouldn't dream of recording digitally, but using proprietary software, we have extrapolated the analog warmth out of the analog recording and applied it to the digital samples, thus creating the warm, dynamic and organic sound that die-hard accordion players have always been looking for.

With Reason accordions, you can stay focused on making music and forget about the everyday challenges for a devoted accordion players: Leaking bellows, worn-out reeds and sensitive neighbors. Leave the hard part to the software and stay focused on the music!
Here are some specifics:
ReFill Contents
Three classic accordions, each with up to six register settings per instrument
A total of 47 preset patches
Style patches to help you find genre-typical sounds for your accordion productions
Producer patches where top producers put their unmistakable touch on the accordion sounds
Location Settings Combinator patches that lets you experience your accordion music in a setting that you select - cathedral ambience, waterfall backdrop, on the bus - close your eyes and these patches will take you there.
Auto-comp combinator patches using the RPG-8 and Thor sequencers to create auto-accompaniment in many musical styles
An abundance of MIDI files with genuine accordion master performances
4 DVDs worth of accordion bliss. 12, 16 and 24 bit version included.
They've got mp3 demos and a making of video too!