Thursday, September 03, 2009

More Peeps

The Choirmaster

This peep comes over, flashes his pitch pipe, and says: "Don't comp us under the chupa. It won't work." He also says "There are four of us and only one of us can sing on key." He's not wrong.

The Prissy Caterer

This guy's a real class act. We're playing a six hour affair at which the band was supposed to be getting dinner. Due to some scheduling mishaps, the party is running late, and the caterer decides to make up the time by shortening the time alloted for dinner, and having us start the second dance set after only a short break. Naturally, he refuses to feed the band until after all of the guests are fed. Also, naturally, that's the point at which he already wants us to start the next set.[Brief digression: This situation, where the caterer refuses to feed the band before all the guests are served, comes up frequently. It is inconsiderate, because it ensures that the band will not have time to eat (unless there are speeches.)] At any rate, we don't get meals, despite having been promised them. After this dance set, we take a short break for dessert. We have a bunch of dance requests left to play, and are supposed to start up again in five minutes and play through the end of the gig. The folks in the kitchen again refuse to feed us "until after the guests have all been served dessert." Nice! At this point, the bride asks me if we've eaten. So I tell her we haven't. Long story short, she takes me in to the kitchen and informs the folks there that they need to feed the band now.

Two minutes later, the caterer, who was not in the kitchen when the bride came in, comes over to me and says in a peeved and condescending tone: "Did you really go over to the bride and ask for food?" Um, you don't get to be upset about looking bad in front of the client if it's your own fault. Even if meals hadn't been promised, there's really no reason for the 'tude.