Monday, August 31, 2009

From the mailbag...

Michael Fish sends in a peever.
Recently did a gig and the band was really in a groove by the 3rd song of second set when all of a sudden this older ‘gentleman’ came storming up to the band screaming at the keyboard player who was leading to play somthing yeshivish. He startled the musician so , that mid song he just waved off the band and started playing yomim.
Naftali forwards a link to a "Pete Sokolow Interview." I'm pretty sure I've linked this years ago, but Pete's a legend, so it's worth another link.

Steve Cohen writes:
When I read your story about singers who don’t know the words, it reminded me of a great club-date joke:

"A vocalist hired a piano player to accompany her at an audition for a night-club job. After listening to a couple of songs, the owner said, "Can you sing 'When Sunny Gets Blue?' It's my favorite song. If you can sing it, you're hired." The singer whispered to the piano player, "I don't know it all the way through." The piano player said, "I know it. Go ahead and start, and I'll prompt you." Reluctantly, she began: "When Sunny Gets Blue . . ." She looked at the piano player for help. He whispered confidently, "B-flat minor nine..."