Saturday, September 05, 2009

9/5/09 Link Dump

Here's a great Wedding Entrance! And here's the divorce.

"The Minutes Go Like Hours When You Sing."

This ain't bluegrass. Despite the misleading title, it's fun. I want these guys in the studio for my next project.

Here's a Jewschool discussion on wedding Shtick.

Violinist Jake Shulman-Ment's new CD, A Redele, is out! Check it out!

Andy Derrick writes about Professionals and Charity Work. What's your take?

The KlezKanada 2009 blog is here. I wish it had been frequently updated. Blogging these events is a great concept and I hope future KlezKamp and KlezKanada blogs will have more content. It's a great marketing opportunity to attract future attendees. And I know some bloggers who could/would be happy to help out. Hey, how about having a J-music bloggers panel at one of these?

Finally, here's a nice version of "Every Breath You Take."