Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's Peep Season Again!

"The Micro-Manager"

This peep, usually a school or kiruv org admin, needs to call the tunes at the gigs played at his venue. "No!" he'll shout, running over during a dance set. "The kids don't know this song!" Umm, they did the last four events we played at your place this year. And that's not including the multiple times it was played/sung at this past year's retreat. Or the events we played it at last year.

"Mr. I Need Your Card"

This peep comes over towards the beginning of the event and tells the bandleader "I'll need you card" in a way that makes it clear he has an imminent gig. Then they disappear before they can be handed a card. They will not come over again, and it will turn out to be impossible to find them among the 500 other guests at the affair.

"Need A Peep"

This Chassidic couple stands in close conversation on the other side of the room during a chupa. Then, with quick resolve, the husband, closely followed by his wife, walks past the open exit door and across the room, only to put his car keys down on the keyboard. His wife will immediately pick them up and head out to the parking lot. TMI.

"Everything Carlebach"

This peep needs to use a Carlebach melody for everything. He even sings Akdamus on Shavous using Carlebach's Od Yishoma (San Fransisco) instead of the traditional melody. Now that's just wrong!