Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From the mailbag...

Aryeh comments on the Rabbi Wolfson article:
It's very clear that Mr. Donn is not acquainted with music theory at all. When I read the article to one of my music teachers he had many questions on the work.

Fist of all if you have only seven notes, you'll will not get to far. there isn't a single song played with only 7 of the 12 notes the scale has. and even then most music take several range of Octaves.

The color of the Piano keys and it's name (KEYS) has nothing to do with music style at all. Music can not harm you unless it's too LOUD!!!

The Composer  behind the music can harm IF you know who he is and what he stands for. For example you would not want to go to a Chupa with Mendelssohn march, since he was a son of a meshumad and he said jewish music is lack of color.

Xmas Music ins't kosher, it's avodah Zarah.

And if you'r a Squarer Chosid G-d forbid if you sing a Breslever Nigun.

When Midzitz introduced the Walz in the Jewish music world, it was critized since it is a coed dance.

Carlbach was also critisized and his songs where banned, when he was know as a dropout from Yeshivishe derech...

With similar token, the Mishnayos Kahaty was banned in many circles becouse of his views on politics not because his writtings. The same with Shteizaltz.

The bottom line is there is nothin Kosher or non Kosher about music, but reather about message send by 1) the composer 2) the player (or singer) 3) and the lyrics.
Dovid Kerner writes:
While our families were off together spinning the kids around on the local carousel, Steve and I spent some time today recording World Series of Hate. You can listen to it here.
E. comments on the NY Post headline for the Shwekey in Jail performance:
they could have come up with something punnier like locking them up and throwing away the Shwe-key.