Monday, June 23, 2008

Some More Peeps

"Podium Mic Guy"

This peep is the one who discovers that the mic at the podium is live. So, he joins in for the dance set, singing over the band. Of course, said mic is not wired into the band's PA, but rather the house system, so we have no control over the volume. Naturally, he also sings almost, but not quite, a half step below whatever the band is playing.

"The Metronome"

The choral director for a musical presentation during the event, this peep understands only one tempo marking, accelerando. Contrary to their impression, the piece would've sounded more natural without a conductor leading the vocalists in what sounded like a race to the coda. Pretty impressive for a choral arrangement of a ballad. This peep should not drink coffee before the gig.

"The Rock N' Roller"

This peep wants the clarinet/accordion duo to "play some rock n' roll we can dance to" at the simcha they were booked to play Klezmer for. Never mind the instrumentation and the fact that the dance floor is full! Want to heart a rocking version of Der Alter Tsigayner?

"Too High/Too Low Guy"
This peep comes over before the chupa to give us the key he'll be singing in during the ceremony. "What key is this?", he says, singing a few notes. "C#", we tell him. He sings through the piece to himself and says: "that's too high! How about C?" We give him a C and he sings through the piece again. "Too low!", he says. Um....

(For the record, he sings it during the ceremony in D.)