Tuesday, June 03, 2008

6/3/08 Link Dump

Yeshiva World blogs the Salute to Israel Parade and the commentors demonstrate their ahavas yisroel (the land and the people) as usual. By their own words shall ye know them. It's just sad. Perhaps these folks should read this "Psak from Rav Steinman."

Rabbi Ari Enkin posts at "Repeating God's Name in Zemirot" at Hirhurim. Minhag Ysroel Torah quotes Shu'T Chaim Shoal (38, 70) that tells of a machlokes chachomim on this issue. One talmid chochom zaken did a shealas chalom (dream quest), and the answer he received was "Rannenu Tzadikim Bashem." R' Ovadya Yosef (Yechave Da'as 5) quotes many sources that hold it's permissible. He notes that the pasuk says "bashem" (with God's name) and not "lashem (to God).

Yood @ Chulent. Call it a base drum?

The Jew Spot profiles "Emunah."

Surgeon General's warning: Writing drug ballads is hazardous to your health!

Brian Blum writes "Grooving at the Sea of Galilee," an article about the Jacob's LAdder festival in Israel.

Here's Its unbeLIPAble!!!!!!!!!! - "The Ultimate Blog to Support Lipa Schmeltzer."

Shmuel Laser has released "Blues for Temima.

Avakesh posts "When cantors reigned..."

Made the mistake of listening to this the other day and can't get it out of my head. Eretz Tropit Yafa from the classic album. Time to revive this one on the simcha circuit. There is a choreographed dance.

Jeff Klepper posts: " The Songs of Israel (Part 2)."

A poster at the yahoo JM board is raising questions about Oorah's auction winners.