Thursday, February 07, 2008

2/7/08 Link Dump

Dentists all over the city are despondent over the news that smooth jazz radio station CD101.9 has closed "due to a declining audience for Smooth Jazz over the past few years." Someone should tell the good folks at Camp Kutz.

Check this out, "Yes, Virginia, There Really is a Ford Car Part Musical Ensemble!" A fascinating video.

It's good to know you can turn your car into an instrumental ensemble. Best instrument name? "Ford Fender Bass!"

Here's a Yeshiva World post about a CD project to help Toronto musician Yehudah Gilden, a Parkinson's patient, support his family.

The tale of the album's production is a beautiful example of how we should be helping each other. You can see a video presentation about the project here (part 1) and here (part 2).

Ben Jacobson writes up Oleh! Records in the Jerusalem Post.

Lion of Zion posts "Music of Ilan Ramon" about the Israeli music played for the astronauts on the space shuttle.

In this YouTube clip, a Messianic Christian sings Shlomo Katz's "Yismechu" with a lot of feeling.

Writing for the Jewish Week, George Robinson profiles Rabbi Greg Wall. The new Later Prophets project sounds interesting.

Anthony Weiss writes "Composing the Exile", a profile of Steven Bernstein's latest record, for the Forward. Also over at the Forward, songstress Lisa Loeb says"Honesty Is the Best Policy." And finally, you can count on the Forward to keep us up to date on Alan Dershowitz’s Musical Endeavors.