Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2/19/08 Link Dump

There's a new Dovid Gabay CD coming soon!

You'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that --unlike all other Brokklyn JM pop CD's -- "this album has it all!"
"This album has it all!!" says producer Avi Newmark. As we've done in the past, we've given the album a mix of songs that satisfy the pallet of all Jewish music fans. "Hagomel" a Disco composed by Yossi Green has already received tremendous acceptance with the few days of radio play. The title track,"Omar Dovid", composed by rising Composer Elimelech Blumstein is sure to satisfy the all time Jewish music fan. "This song is very special," says Gabay. To those who have had a taste of the album it is already being called "The modern day Tanya". It's not everyday a song like this hits the market.
Pallet, huh! That 'vinced me!

MoC doesn't understand.

After much research, Blog in Dm's diligent investigators discover that Jazz legend Sun-Ra apparently played Orthodox club dates in the '80's. Here he is soloing on Carlebach's B'Yerusholayim with the Neginah Orchestra; a solo played by some Neginah guitarists to this day.

Digital Irony writes about children in Sderot singing through their fear.

Ever wind up on the bandstand with a screechy sax player? Maybe he just needs a jump start!

The best cover of "Smoke On The Water" ever!

Here's a Jewish Press article about The Music of Mishnayos Project.

Satmar imposes new wedding takanos. This'll impact the badchonim. That 59 minute Mitzvah Tanz guy just became that much more desirable.

Chaptzem's been on a JM blogging kick.

Here he takes on Michoel Pruzansky for "unoriginal" advertising material.

Here he blogs about Shoime Dachs' political bundling. Here's an NY Post article on the matter.

Here he takes on the Lipa/Gertner promo team for using video of people in their promo clip without consent.