Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Tis The Season for Peeps

"The Reluctant Dancer"

This peep joins the men's dance circle and shuffles 'round with a bored distant look on his face. Hey, thanks for doing us the favor! Really! It just wouldn't be the same without you.

"The Its Too Loud Shmuck"

A close relative of previously mentioned "Peeps', the "Its Too Loud Shmuck" deserves special mention for the fact that she can walk into a room while a dance set is going on (at moderate volume, we might add), start a conversation right in front of us, and then rudely demand that we turn down. Um, lady, the guests are dancing. Also, the bride and groom's grandparents are sitting not that much farther away from us, and are having no trouble at all conversing.

Mrs. "My Friend Is An Idiot"
This peep has the bad luck to be conversing with the "Its Too Loud Shmuck" when she goes into her rant. She gives the bandleader an apologetic look and suggests to "Ms. Shmuck" that they just move a few feet away. Naturally, Ms. Shmuck refuses. Despite this refusal, and no reduction in volume, they are perfectly able to continue their conversation over the next twenty minutes or so of dance music. Of course, Mrs. "My Friend Is An Idiot" does keep giving us apologetic glances and "don't mind her" gestures when her friend won't notice.

The "It's So Nice To Hear A Band That Doesn't Play Too Loud" Couple

These "Peeps" are an elderly couple who come over shortly after we've had an encounter with the "Its Too Loud Shmuck" to compliment us on our low volume. We get compliments about our volume quite often. What makes this couple qualify for our list is the juxtaposition of their comments with our encounter with the "Shmuck". It's always nice to be validated.