Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Peeps for Chanukah

Continuing the series...

"The Ubiquitous Guest"

The Ubiquitous Guest is the person who seems to be invited to 85% or more of gigs over a given season. Whether it's a Yeshivish event in the Bronx, a Chassidish affair in the city, an anniversary party out of town in one state or a wedding out of town in another, "Ubiquitous Guest" is almost always there.

"Super Ubiquitous Guest"

Similar to "Ubiquitous Guest", "Super Ubiquitous Guest" is not seasonal, but apparently attends virtually every event year round. Not to be confused with "Mr. and Mrs. Popularity" who are present at every event, but only in their community.

"The Shmoozer"

This peep wants to talk. All night long. Never mind what we're playing or doing, or, for that matter, what is happening in terms of the event itself, this peep just has to talk. To the bandleader. About nothing at all. Or is that everything. We forget.

The "Do You Come to ________ Gal"

This peep wants to know if we'll travel to play a gig in a neighborhood 20-40 minutes away from the gig we're playing. At tonight's gig in NYC, they wanted to know if we travel to Monsey. In Monsey, we'll get asked if we'll play in Brooklyn. And so on. They have to ask because of the well-known axiom that most professional musicians only accept gigs within two minutes of home.

Mr. "Play Some Holiday Music"

This peep only wants to hear holiday music. All night long. For four hours straight. He'll come over we finish a nice forty five minutes of Chanukah songs, including some dancing and some listening music, and interrupt us to say "It's Chanukah! Can you please play some Chanukah songs!" Hey, thanks for listening.