Sunday, December 16, 2007

From the mailbag...

D. sends in some more peeps:
Mr. “the best place to have a conversation in the entire hall is right under a speaker, holding on to the speaker pole”. Sure the only thing standing between his head and a 70 lb JBL is one screw, but the pole does feel sturdy.

Mrs. “we are very frum, have every rosh hayeshiva in town at our party, have to have a HUGE mechitza and separate everything…….. but I dress like a hooker.” (As long as it is a sheitel, and my elbows are covered it is ok)

Mrs. “I have to dance while carrying my little pocket book thingy.” –seen a lot of that lately.

Mrs. “what band is this”? –while standing in front of about 20 bandstands with the name 3 feet x 1 foot across.

And of course my favorite- “the shortest distance between two points is through the bandstand guy”.
We've met some o' these folks before.

Jordan Hirsch comments on our "Holiday Song Peep."
And it's funny, there aren't that many really great Chanukah songs to be played at a typical simcha. Unless you count "Let it Snow." Which I do.
You can also pull out some Debbie Freidman. "Not By Might and Not By Power" or "I'm A Latke" are both good choices. Especially in BP.

Avremi G. writes:
I just got a phone call from 13 year old Chassidishe kid from Monroe and I immediately thought of you.

He saw my book and wanted to know where on his keyboard would he be able to find the ‘smorg’ rhythm?

It took considerable effort to restrain my laughter.

Feel free to quote me.
That's too funny. There are some really good musicians coming out of Monroe now. There's been a real surge of interest in live music in that community.

A. sends in the lyrics to " The Sound of Sickness." Hey, maybe Piamenta should cover this?

A. also forwards a link to a bizzare Yiddish Alef Bet song. A traditionally irreverent (and intolerant) Purim song. Not for the politically correct!

Anon writes:
This is an anonymous tip, I'm listening to the 2nd dance wedding cd and im shocked. There is a list of goyish music on this including a whole 45 second instrumental track of Beyonce's crazy in love, Numa Numa, Gloria Estefan. It also has Niggun Neshsma and Yishai Lapidot doing Lipa's Sheli Shelach.