Monday, February 02, 2004

Shlock Rock On Steroids

Jewschool has a link to "Jewdriver", a spoof band which parodies the anti-semitic punk band Skrewdriver by reworking their songs with Jewish nationalist lyrics.

The band members stage names include:
Ian Stuartstein - vocals (a send-up of Skrewdriver leader Ian Stewart)
Max Bagels - guitar, backup vocals
Kilgore Gefilte - lead guitar, backup vocals
Aryan Sharon - bass
He-Brew Who Cannot Be Named - drums

Up next, a Jewish Resistance Records???

Note the comments to Jewschool's post where bandleader Ian Stuartstien writes:
"we really are just a joke band, we have no nationalist interests whatsoever and truly would like to see peace in the Middle East someday, a very sad state of affairs-complicated and frustrating for all peace loving Jews around the world."