Tuesday, February 10, 2004

JM PR Watch

Blog in Dm is launching a new feature called "JM PR Watch." Here we will reproduce actual JM PR for your amusement. No punch lines required! No "fisking" necessary! As we've noted in the past, (for example, here and here) we just can't make this stuff up!

All of the following are taken verbatim from the "Cover Story" about the upcoming Eli Gerstner/Chevra/Menucha concert in the current issue of Country Yossi magazine.

So, without further ado….
"If we could coin a phrase, then let us say that this concert promises to be truly "Gerstneresque" in every sense of the word."
"Brooklyn College employees better be forewarned. By the time this magazine hits the newsstands, a considerable line will already be forming at the box office with die-hard Gerstner fans shivering in the freezing cold, making sure that they have their tickets firmly in hand. Experts predict that this concert will sell out within days of ticket availability. It's not often that a surefire lineup such as this one is offered to us right in our own neighborhood."
"But even the old songs will be revamped and remastered just for this occasion."
"In honor of the concert, the Chevra will be releasing its new album, Chevra II!
"But, after considerable grilling, we did manage to extricate some interesting information."
"In the tradition of 'Yehai', Eli offers us 'Lecha'. This is a song that will make an instant connection, and offer mass appeal to audiences of every age and every background."
If you see any 'blogworthy' JM PR, please be sure to pass it on.