Thursday, January 22, 2004

Business Opportunity

Maybe this trend will be good for business!

On a serious note, read the comments where Ephraim writes:
As usual, the goyim look at our customs and religion, think "Hey, that's pretty cool, let's copy it", and promptly get it wrong.
Of course, it's really our fault in this case. The kind of Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties the goyim are aping represent the kind of garish excess in which social climbing, noveau-rich Jewish parvenus indulge when they want to show they've "arrived".
Now, if the goyim saw a real Bar/ Bat Mitzvah ceremony and said "My, what a beautiful, spiritual, and uplifting experience" and copied that instead, we might have something here. Instead, we show them our cheap and vulgar side, and like fools they copy it.
We really ought to treat our own traditions with more respect.
The other comments (two at this time) also make good points.