Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Letter To The Hamodia Editor (More Rabbi Wolfson Content)

The following letter and response appeared in Hamodia on May 6th.

Yochonon Donn's response demonstrates clearly that he and Rav Wolfson both lack comprehension of some of the music terminology and history used in the original article and that Donn doesn't understand some of the points made in H. Meyer's letter. There are errors of fact and logic in this response. This is simply embarrassing!

A question for Rabbi Wolfson... (one of many that can be asked)...

According to your expressed view, what is the date at which the accepted rules of music were finalized? Since music and music theory has been in a continuous state of evolution, any assertion that certain popular styles of music "are not composed according to the accepted rules of music" implies that the rules must have been finalized at some earlier point, to the exclusion of current practice. So, lishitascha, when did this take place?