Friday, May 08, 2009

From the mailbag...

Rabbi Moshe Yeres writes:
you link to
Here's a video of an attempt to revive old Jewish wedding traditions. I'm not convinced the soundtrack music is authentic period music. [/sarcasm]
It seems to me that this post is of messianic judaism
there are alot of signs for that in teh video including but not limited to how they phonetically pronounce teh name of G-D , plus shofar usage, plus new moon.
i am sure if you will research teh group you will find them not to be a jewsih grouop but messianic judism toye who believe in jesus
Moshe Yeres
I don't think these are messianic Jews (aka Christians). There's no mention of Jesus/Yeshua in the entire ceremony. They're historical revivalists who attempted to recreate old Jewish wedding traditions. Obviously, they are not Orthodox, but it doesn't appear from this that they are Christian.

Mindy writes;
I do not know who translated the lyrics, but this was performed in Satmar camp in 1993, it was beautiful. The chorus goes:

און דער רבי האט מיך צו זיין הארץ צוגעדריקט
זיינע ווערטער האט יעדן דערקוויקט
געזאגט "קיין חילוק צו מען איז זייער יונג אדער עלטער מען איז
די רייד פון די תורה אפהיטן מען מוז"

I don't remember all the lyrics by heart, it's ages ago, and I also don't know the source, but it was performed in camp, I wonder if it was translated by the camp heads or something.
If anyone knows who translated it, or of a recording, please let me know.

Sruly shares a link: "Auto-Tune the News: Obama Flashback."

Joel Shares another: "In Praise of Auto-Tune." It's an Auto-tune link-fest!

"Rotzeh B'ilum Shemo" writes:
On Vocalist Shea Rubinstein's offer to perform for free: "Music Star Offers Free Performances to Charities and Nonprofit Organizations: “I Want to Give Back to Those Who Give to Many.”

Here is my personal opinion. For this one, you can leave my name out of it.

Why Should other singers follow in his footsteps?

If he wants to perform for free - then let him, but don't tell people in the music business where to give their Tzedaka to.
Maybe the Hall, Caterer, Photographer, Printer, and all the other vendors should be donating their ENTIRE services as well?

Many singers rely on these events to support their families. I'm not against giving a good deal, but to donate all your services and hope that everyone else will do that is simply crazy.

I personally believe that this is just a well disguised ploy to get publicity.  If it is, congratulations - you got a gig, Shea!
I'd be interested to hear what others think too. I think this offer deserves a post of its own, as time permits.