Thursday, May 07, 2009

5/7/09 Link Dump

The Cool Jew asked a bunch of boys' choir leaders about whether they use pre-recorded tracks in concert.
Do you think that it's ok to use a pre-recorded song during a concert performance? If yes how often are you doing it and why do you feel it necessary?
The answers are revealing and in some cases, one might say, deliberately misleading.

The Life-Of-Rubin Blog had two posts on the topic that I was going to link, but he has apparently deleted them.

Klez clarinetist Michael Winograd makes the Forward 36 under 36. So did Girls' Night On! founder Leslie Ginsparg, Anat Cohen, Y-LOVE (Yitz Jordan), Gilad Hekselman, and Michelle Citrin.

Avraham Fried has released an a-capella album to benefed Yad L'shliach.

The Klezmer Shack posts"Yid Vicious: Car-less Klezmer in Madison."

Teruah posts "Death of a JDub Saleman."

Here's a great clip - "Breslov Books vs. Mendy Pellin."

Here's a video of an attempt to revive old Jewish wedding traditions. I'm not convinced the soundtrack music is authentic period music. [/sarcasm]

Finally, it's time for wedding photos.