Sunday, December 28, 2008

12/28/08 Link Dump

In Lipa news...

Here are some details about his upcoming "The Event live" Concert at MSG.

And now for the headline entertainment of the year: The Event! Finally, billboards are starting to spring up around us, projecting this colossal, stupendous, simply spectacular production. Tickets will iy'H be going on sale within a week. The exclusive, explosive website should be up and running within a few days' time.
There's really no reason to expound on the extraordinarily exceptional and exhilaratingly exciting experience to be expected at The Event. The name says it all. All-star surprise acts will entrance and enthrall the crowd. And of course, we can always count on Lipa for a heart-stopping, spine-tingling, pulse-pounding, adrenaline-rushing performance.
The concert is in tribute to the legendary Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum, z'l, a pioneer in Jewish music. A special, scintillating presentation by Abie Rottenberg will honor the sorely-missed Rabbi Eli. A new Pirchei by Avi Newman and Eli Gerstner will amaze and mesmerize. Music by the genuine genius Yisroel Lamm will resound and reverberate throughout the hall. And one thing's for sure: Nobody can take every aspect of a show and bring it all together onto center stage like the illustrious Sheya Mendlowitz. Be sure to buy your tickets to The Event of a lifetime!

Teruah posts "Battle of Driedel Kitsch - Gay Cowboys vs Ersatz Hassids."

Watch This Space! It goes live Jan. 1st.

Here's the Third Annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert, with a rocking version of Mi Yimallel by Psycho Toddler.

Jewschool posts a link to two women singing Hallel set to Christmas carols.

Oh dear, it's Livni Boy.

Because he was just that good, here's Bruce Adler singing Hootsatsa.

The Forward reports on "Ikh Vil Zein A Rebbe." Here's a Vos Iz Neias comments thread. Matthue Roth comments.

Rokhl get nauseous over klez-journalism.

Finally, it's the hit single, "Auto Tune!"