Thursday, December 11, 2008

12/11/08 Link Dump

Parshablog follows up on the fraudulent DMCA takedown notices filed over the "Ikh Vil Zein A Rebbe video."

Move over, Pete! It's the real fifth Epstein Brother!

The Center for Traditional Music and Dance has released Dave Tarras's "Music for the Traditional Jewish Wedding.

Raising the bar on Jewish music yet again.

Not what you think: Echod Yochid U'meyuchod.

Heichal HaNegina posts "The Homeless Mizmor L'David."

Ari Goldwag posts Mitzvah Gedola and Kol Haolam Kulo on his redemption-themed blog.

The "Tanzhoyz" movement spreads to Chicago

From, here are " The Early Na Nachs."

Here's ‘Prop 8: The Musical.’

Rusion Klezmer Mikhail Altshuller was beaten in the Moscow subway. He had a concussion and bruised ribs.

File under Muppets: Animal sings about the klezmer revivalist traditionalists.

Finally, here's a PSA YouTube clip of an original Hassidic song, "The Sin of Masturbation." This is going to #1 on Country Yossi's JM chart for sure! Remix, anyone?