Monday, August 25, 2008

Worlds Are Colliding!

The trend of Brooklyn "Funkish" producers adopting/incorporating "Alternative" Jewish musician's music continues...

In addition to Yeedle's recent collaboration with Aaron Razel and Lipa's recent cover with Yitzchak Fuchs on "A Poshiter Yid," here's another.

Life of Rubin posts an audio sampler of Shloime Daskal's upcoming release. The third song is a Yiddish translation of Adi Ran's "Ani Ohev Hakadosh Baruch Hu" off of the album, "Mah Yesh Lachem Lidog." I reviewed that Adi Ran album a few years back.

I'm conflicted about this trend. One one level, it's nice that they're aware of and paying attention to these creative artists. On the flip side, it often seems like expropriation rather than collaboration or respectful tribute. The final results often do not do justice to the original artist. However, it can be argued that these entertainers are packaging the tunes in a way that will sell to the Brooklyn market, thereby exposing these artists, on some level, to that community. In some ways it's a chicken and egg conundrum, because there's not necessarily a way to know that the song wouldn't have worked for that crowd without a "Funkish" arrangement.