Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Announcing The "New" Big Event Concert

Guess who's planning a concert? Details at his website.

News flash! Guess what Lipa's got newly lined up and laid out for your fabulous, 'fun'damentally fantastic, fan-based entertainment...

Let me give you a couple of clues:
1. It's BIG. Really, really big.
2. It's an EVENT. A brand new, out-of-the-stratosphere, simply, superbly, singularly sensational event that will knock you, shock you, hock you, and rock you right off your plush, poshite seats!!

Yup, you guessed it. Lipa's working on a whole new incomparable concert, with concerted, concentrated effort, together with Sheya Mendlowitz! The two of them are planning and plotting, conniving and contriving, to make this show the absolute ultimate in performance perfection. Prepare to experience a Lipa production unlike any you've seen or heard, attended or banned before. This extravaganza will virtually explode with an extreme excess of talent, exceed your expected expectations, and make you exult in extensive, ecstatic excitement (Exclamation point!!)

So get your juices flowing. Get your anticipation growing. Get your heart racing. Get your feet pacing. Get your pulse throbbing. Get your head bobbing. Get your ears ringing. Get your soul singing…. Get ready for the Lipa event of a lifetime!

Check back frequently at lipaschmeltzer.com, for further descriptions and details. Dates, times, venue and more lebedige Lipa neias will be posted regularly, so be sure to stay tuned!
Fundamentally fantastic, indeed!