Monday, August 11, 2008

8/11/08 Link Dump

The Klezmer Shack mentions that KlezKanada 2008 which runs from Aug 18-24, still has some openings.

Ari has also posted the audio from Steven Greenman and Walt Mahovlich's recent concert in MA. Check it out!

Over at Hirhurim, there's an audio roundup of Torah lectures including:

Rabbi Hershel Shachter - OU Shliach Tzibbur Conference:

Should be required listening for anyone who wants to be a shatz. Includes many classic no no’s and the famous R’Zevin story as to how to get horses out of the mud with only an amud (guess the punchline).

Some interesting side issues including recognition that contradictions in the Mishneh Brurah could be because the Chofetz Chaim was the general editor but others wrote portions and that women got aliyot in the time of the tanaim but then it was decided this was not kavod hatzibbur (me – doesn’t this imply time and place dependent?) Follow the minhag hamakom!

Rabbi Ally Ehrman - Chassidic Rock: Music In Halacha:

Is it for entertainment or praise and thankfulness? Is it just to enjoy the music or meaningful? Is it for the sake of a mitzvah? Just listening – no, inspiring – OK. Rock concerts – bad, Chassidic song festivals of old – good.

Discussion of general music prohibitions and some possible heterim for specific situations not included in takanot. FWIW IMHO - this is a classic case of halacha not being completely algorithm, that is if you reduce the issues to symbolic logic you’d be hard pressed to see why we are meikil here and machmir in so many other situations.
Finally, here are some videos of Lipa Schmeltzer not in concert this summer. These are non-performances of " Wake Up" and and "Biksav/Ba'al Peh" off his new non-secular influenced album "A Poshiter Yid."