Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How To Talk Yourself Out of A Gig - A Primer

Confidential to my Israeli friends...

If a bandleader calls you for a date out of town that pays really well (i.e. well above the going rate) , do not do any of the following.

1) Take the gig, and then contact the bandleader a few weeks later to say you just realized you'll be missing your morning teaching slot that day, so can you have an extra $150 to make that up.

2) Call two weeks before the gig to confirm and casually mention the "price agreed to" as $50 above the actual agreed upon rate.

3) Insist that you can't bring the instrument you were hired to play (i.e. tenor), but that you can play another instrument that sounds the same (i.e. low register on an alto).

4) Don't take the date, book a gig for your jazz band for the same date, and not mention this to the office until they call you with flight/ticket information a few weeks out.

5) If you do the above, don't call the office and pretend nothing's happened and you've always planned on doing the gig, when your jazz gig gets cancelled.

I'm just saying...