Thursday, May 01, 2008

Comment Droppings

Recently, on April 16th, I linked to Jeff Klepper's new blog. Later that day, someone left the following comment on Jeff's post about his participation on the editorial committee of Mishkan T'filah, the new Reform Movement siddur.

Here's the comment:
The siddur is an ancient artifact- a tradition. the anshe kenset hagedola distributed the first sidurim as a answer to the people's request 'how do we pray.' Obviously it's been added to since the time of the Bet Hamikdash but to think some am haarotizm sit around in bend and break it to fit their whimsical social mores is perverse to me. I'm not a hateful person- but your sidur is destructive to the Jewish people, open door 'conversions' are destructive to the Jewish people. Unfortunately, the faltering reform movement is self destructive.
I'm pretty sure that poster found Jeff's blog via my link. Contrary to his assertion, he seems to be a hateful person who lacks basic derech eretz. What was the point of leaving the comment? In the post, Jeff did not invite people to express their views of Reform liturgy and the post wasn't critical of Orthodox tradition. Even if he had, leaving that kind of comment, in both content and tone, is simply not mentshlich.

So, to whomever that was, please don't use my blog to help spread your hate.