Monday, October 22, 2007

What Your J-Media Advertising Dollar Gets You - UPDATED

Ever wonder what your J-media advertising dollar gets you?

One ad we ran in a local advertising publication netted us the following. (They misspelled our name and address in their database, allowing us to track which mailings were coming from them.)

Since its unclear at this time if they sold the mailing list or only did the mailing on behalf of those listed below, and whether the below listed companies knew how the names on the list were obtained, I'm witholding the names of the private companies whose mailings we received. They may be blameless here and if so, do not deserve bad press.

I am listing the tzedakas because given the state of ethics in the fundraising community, they do not deserve the benefit of the doubt. In addition, some of their fundraising literature is offensive (I wrote about this in "Tzedakah Tatzil M'Advertising Expenses."

Here's a partial listing:

Tzidkas Yosef Naftali - Financial Assistance for Needy Families in Eretz Yisroel. Mainly for the Yomim Tovim. (4 letters from two different local residents)
Diskin Orphan Home of Israel
Gates of Chesed - A Public Service Publication by the Center for Community Resources (Magazine)
Nechomas Yisroel (Newspaper and "Super Raffle" mailing)
Yom Tov Relief Fund - Rabbi matisyahu Solomon (1 letter)
Matanos L'evyonim Gomlei Chesed - Rabbi Matisyahu solomon (1 letter)
A wig maker (2 postcards)
An insurance brokerage (1 postcard)
A Judaica store (1 postcard)
Subscription offer for a Heimish newspaper (1 postcard)
Passover ad for a confectionary store (1 postcard)
Kupat Ha'ir (numerous full-color brochures)
Kupat Aniyei Eretz Yisrael (numerous full-color brochures)

Care to guess if we renewed the ad buy?

UPDATE: Found a few we'd missed!

A flyer from a Kosher supermarket
Another two postcards from a wigmaker.
A fundraising letter from Rav Shmuel Birenbaum for Reavim Gam Tzemaim Argentina
A fundraising letter from an Israeli business man with a very ill wife.
Another Tzidkas Yoseph Naftali letter.